You must be thinking to yourself, what could be the purpose here? There was a very profound one. It taught me to have gratitude…

– Gina Costa-Goldfarb


It can be said that when you look at life as everything having a reason, you can ask yourself why these life events happened, but when you look at life as everything having a purpose, you learn from the experience.

I am a person who likes to dig deep, maybe too deep at times. Lol. As I look back on my timeline (and I encourage you to look back on yours) I know that every life event has had a purpose for me. I wouldn’t change anything if you paid me.

That debilitating anxiety and depression that I had in my early adulthood, as excruciating as it was at times, had a purpose! When I look back I remember looking in the mirror, not even knowing who I was. I couldn’t watch TV because every act of violence, every gunshot caused me to jump out of my shoes. I remember looking out my living room window knowing I didn’t have the courage to go outside. Clearly I wasn’t myself and my thoughts were focused on what others would think of me. I was this strong person that felt like she fell to her knees, not knowing how to get back up.

So what was the purpose here? It was to tell me that I was living a life that wasn’t mine. It got me out of a relationship that clearly wasn’t serving me. It taught me that I could stand on my own (even though I knew I had the capability to do that). It allowed me to walk away and start a new life for myself, one filled with confidence and freedom.

Then again, heartache hit when I lost my mother to ovarian cancer and gave birth to my daughter within 3 days. I was in a state of grief induced post-partum depression that I never thought I would come out of. How could this be happening to me again? I was in such a state of fear, not knowing whether to grieve for my mother or love my newborn. I literally had to “practice” putting my daughter in the car seat and placing her in the car until I was able to finally get to a place where I was able to drive her around the block. My husband thought he would never get his wife back and I thought I would never get my life back, but I did. I got it back even better after a years’ time!

You must be thinking to yourself, what could be the purpose here? There was a very profound one. It taught me to have gratitude for what I have and to turn all of my negative life experiences into positive ones. As a result, I became an awesome mom, had another child (I never thought I could do that after this experience), I became an avid fundraiser for women’s cancers and I started to find my own purpose!

Next up, many years later my breast cancer diagnosis. Really, a purpose in this??? Yes, almost immediately it caused me to look within and take a look once again at how I was living my life. It helped me take a 360 view on life and remove a lot of the stressors in my life and replace them with fulfillment, fun and enjoyment and it lead me to becoming a life coach with a niche in working with survivors and caregivers.

I could literally look back on every event in my life and find my purpose. Every twist, every turn, every time I fell down – up until this day – I pick myself up and I find my purpose.

So I encourage you to take action now! Take a journal out and look back at your own timeline. Write it all out! Now, don’t look back and ask yourself “why” these life events happened, ask yourself what you have learned along the way and become a better person because of these life experiences. I promise you will find beauty in all of it.

And…if you need help finding your purpose, reach out to me at or go to my website and fill out a contact form to schedule a complimentary coaching session – Hope to see you soon and help you find your purpose.

Xo Gina



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