8 Steps Into Yoga from Bhava Ram

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Meet Bhava Ram on Sunday February 19th in #CancerBookClub.

From Bhava Ram:

“The practices of Yoga (Unification) and Ayurveda (Science of Life) arise from Vedic Wisdom, which is thousands of years old and predates the written word. As modern, western research affirms, these ancient teachings contain a time-tested, evidence-based, holistic pathway for self-healing, personal growth and empowerment that balances the human being on all levels from body to mind to spirit.  

Yoga is a multifaceted and complex practice that is far more than the Yoga postures (asanas) most westerners think of when the word Yoga is mentioned. Paired with Ayurveda, it addresses physical flexibility and strength, mental focus, relaxation and inner awareness, nutrition, lifestyle, philosophy and powerful tools for personal growth and manifestation of your fullest potential.​”

And here is a gift from Bhava to you. Enjoy.



Come and talk, share and learn from Bhava Ram on Sunday February 19th in #CancerBookClub.


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