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Sunday April 15, 2018

Dream Accomplished: A Story of Cancer, A Mother’s Love, and Taylor Swift

From Amazon:

“Hello, my name is Elizabeth Gross. ‘Dream Accomplished’ is the true story of my cancer journey. I’ve written it to say thank you to my daughter’s hero, Taylor Swift, and to help and inspire others as they, too, battle cancer or invisible illness. Paying forward Taylor’s kindness, my family donates 100% net profits to the cancer & invisible illness research and support cause of YOUR CHOICE. I sincerely hope our story is of help to you, or someone you love. -e 🙂

Elizabeth Gross is a wife, swiftiemom, cancer battler, invisible illness spoonie, wildlife gardener, good news sharer, chocoholic, and award-winning author. ‘Dream Accomplished: A Story of Cancer, A Mother’s Love & Taylor Swift’ is her first book, & it has won the Mom’s Choice Award, New Apple Award, Readers’ Favorite 5 Star & Readers’ Favorite Gold Memoir Award.”



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