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Everyone here at Anti-Cancer Club is curious.  We love to read!  And we want to share our passion with you. Once a month, award winning author Robin McGee hosts a Cancer Book Club (hashtag #CancerBookClub) where we engage with authors, experts and YOU. 



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Sunday June 17, 2018







Our next book is a comic series about cancer from CancerOwl: Comics about getting cancer and surviving it, where I draw myself as an owl. By Matthew Paul Mewhorter.


This will be a fun and inspiring #CancerBookClub. Look for the replay!










Join us from the hospital, from bed, from your kitchen or on the go!

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Please wear a headset if you join us! It provides better sound quality with less background noise. You can use the earbuds from your cell.

If you have any questions, email us at TakeCharge@anticancerclub.com.

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Get weekly anti-cancer health tips!


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