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Sunday May 20, 2018

Worms on Parachutes-Mystical Allies In My Cancer Survival by Sarah-Jane Phillips

From Amazon:

This autobiography, with its quirky and up-beat title and enchanting naive illustration on the front cover, will certainly attract the most discerning reader whether they are travelling along the breast cancer journey or know of someone in that situation.

The author who is brave clearly displays how she has met adversity head on, not only once but twice in her short life time. Her courage, indomitable spirit and triumph over all that was “thrown” at her on her personal cancer journey, was due to positive thinking, loving family, friends and excellent medical care.

A short synopsis reveals Sarah-Jane as a 16 year old battling Hodgkins Disease with the help of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Overcoming that hurdle and getting “back on track with her life”, she embarks on a career, marries and has two small daughters. Then beyond her control, breast cancer gives her yet another challenge in her life.

Sarah-Jane writes and shares with the reader an easy to read account of her “journey”, all her feelings and experiences felt during her diagnosis , treatment and early years following treatment with warmth and honesty, humour and finally success, being able to resume her life with her loved ones, healthy and well. It never ceases to amaze me how courage and positive thinking can be given to us when we have HOPE.




Click here to see all our upcoming #CancerBookClub books!

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