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 On Tap For #AllThingsCancer :

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

No #AllThingsCancer

 Who: Pat Wetzel, Co-Founder of #CancerRoadTrip

When: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#CancerRoadTrip is a mission for health and healing. It was spurred on by some unfortunate events (click here to read about the betrayal that initiated #CancerRoadTrip), but it’s evolved into both a life lesson and a mission of peace, health and joy.

And a bit of bucket list indulgence! What’s on your bucket list?

In my travels, I’m particularly interested in what creates health. The notion of “health” varies greatly from culture to culture. What can we learn from other cultures? How can we integrate that wisdom into our lives? What can help us along our path? Follow me as I explore the world in a quest for health and adventure.



If you have any questions or topic suggestions, email us at takecharge@anticancerclub.com.

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