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Force the issue of survivorship care, because most likely, it's not on your doctor's 5 minute agenda.

Survivorship care just falls through the cracks in the medical system. Some personal reflections from Anti-Cancer Club Founder, Pat Wetzel.

You Inspired Me

Do we really control our minds? One cancer patient says absolutely! (although it's not always easy)

Green Tea

“Better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one.”--Chinese proverb One food, flavor or idea each week. This week's flavor/food: Green Tea


One food, flavor or idea each week. This week it is....Broccoli, a cruciferous vegetable with significant anti-cancer properties.

Overcoming chemo induced fatigue.


Acupuncture provided relief without side effects.

You may want to consider a second opinion on your biopsy.  It can be a potentially life altering decision.

By getting a different opinion, I may have dramatically changed the quality of my life--for the better!

Food As A Melody

Food is a melody we play every time we eat.

Get weekly anti-cancer health tips!

Get weekly anti-cancer health tips!


One idea a week. Use it. Own it. Transform your life!

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