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Should you cook onions? Harriet Sugar-Miller looks out how to maximize the anti-cancer effects of onions.

This week think mushrooms! Harriet Sugar-Miller gives you all the reasons why you should add some button mushrooms to your anti-cancer diet. How can such a com…

Now that you’re no longer a “Proteinaholic,” how do you go about selecting the most nutritious plants among all those shades of red, purple and green? My first…

Who cannot resist eating a beautiful, ripe berry? They are at your local farmer markets now and it’s hard to choose which ones to buy! By now, everyone knows th…

How do you prepare your broccoli? Do you boil it, steam it or eat it raw? Does it matter to your health? You would be surprised. As a member of the crucifer fam…

Harriet Sugar-Miller writes about the anticancer effects of eating brassicas and how they aid in protecting our immune system.

Harriet Sugar-Miller researches how compounds in peanuts may help spread cancer.

Harriet Sugar-Miller, freelance health journalist, says that the way you prepare and eat berries maximizes their benefit in an anti-cancer diet.

Navitas Naturals is voluntarily recalling three chia seed products in the US and in Canada.

With a little planning, a trip to the Farmer's Market turns into lots of easy, good food for the entire week.

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