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The Anti-Cancer Club™ grew out of my own personal experience with cancer.

In June 2009, I was diagnosed with nodal marginal zone lymphoma (MZL). MZL is a rare non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

After an array of treatments, I found myself wondering “what next?” There was no one to turn to; no place to go. My cancer was beaten back, but not beaten. I was cast adrift until my next appointment with my oncologist.

Waiting passively was not in my makeup and I had serious questions.  What about nutrition during and after chemo? Was there an alternative to steroids for the joint swelling and extreme pain I experienced from one of my medications? How can I manage this fatigue and get my strength and stamina back?

I needed information because I had to DO SOMETHING. Cancer was turning my life upside down, and I needed answers.

So  learning about cancer and health became my new focus. At times it was start and stop.  I tried going vegan, but life without cheese, I decided, wasn’t worth living. I learned about glycemic indices, the nutritional content of various foods and about the sources of my food.  I consciously filled my circles with caring people who had “good energy”. I started meditating for stress reduction.

And now, 7 years later, my life is dramatically different.  

My mission with the Anti-Cancer Club is to give you hope and inspiration.  You can take charge of your care, treatment and recovery.  

One’s health is a private matter, but one’s struggle with cancer can’t be done in isolation. Tap into our community.  In sharing, we learn, we evolve and we pay it forward to help others.


Pat Wetzel


“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Each day you have a chance to take charge.  One small change can make a difference and it’s our mission to help you create your own plan for health.   Each week, just try one new idea.  If you like it, keep it.  If not, move on!

You’re now creating a fun pattern of change and a sustainable path to a new lifestyle.

We offer weekly, actionable anti-cancer ideas in:


Food & Flavor 

Integrating an anti-cancer diet into your daily life is a win/win for everyone and a wonderful legacy to give to your family.Healthy Vegetables at a Farmer's Market

Each week we take one food or flavor and ask that you add it to your diet. You don’t have to give up anything! You simply add something new. Over time, through great culinary experiences, you’ll find your food choices will change in a gradual, informed and sustainable manner.

We explore topics such as the role of turmeric in fighting inflammation; organic vs. non-organic food; the potential benefits of green tea in your diet; Omega 3 vs. Omega 6 in various food choices, and much more.

We also offer education through Rebecca Katz’s The Cancer Fighting Kitchen course.  Check it out and join us!

We also offer savings on quality organic foods through Thrive Market.

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Mind & Body

Psychological, spiritual and physical wellness are all intertwined. Each is important to anti-cancer health.

HiResA great deal of recent attention has focused on exercise and cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute: “…researchers are learning that physical activity can also affect the risk of cancer…” Exercise can help you manage treatment related fatigue and some studies even show that regular exercise may greatly reduce the risk of recurrence of certain cancers.

Studies are also showing that your emotional health has physical implications. Learning to manage stress has implications for your mind, your body and your relationship with the world around you.

Through our contributors, cancer advocates and our own staff, we look at a wide range of topics.  Your mission each week is to focus on one topic or idea and explore it.  If it resonates with you, keep it.  If not, move on!

We also offer a series of books and cd’s by mind/body pioneer Avinoam Lerner. Avi is an amazing resource, and now you can access him directly. Click here to learn more.

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Real People, Real Stories

Inspiring stories by those who are on the anti-cancer journey.iStock_000001840964XSmall



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Anti-Cancer Club InformationiStock_000017862787XSmall

General information and news.

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Get weekly anti-cancer health tips!

Get weekly anti-cancer health tips!


One idea a week. Use it. Own it. Transform your life!

Thank You!

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